Thermal image of window/wall junction thermal bridge

What makes an eco-home?

This blog explains the main points of a talk I gave recently, titled What Makes an Ecohome? as part of Bridport Transition Town’s Open Echomes events. Judging from the comments and questions afterwards, it got people thinking, and some questions got me thinking too!

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What makes a material sustainable?

Assessing the environmental impact of a building or of materials used to build it can be complex. There are different factors to consider and the ideal choice will often be the best balance between them. The effect on energy efficiency of the building must be balanced...

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New home for the Woodlouse

Welcome to the new home for the revived 'the Woodlouse' blog. It started life as an account of my strawbale selfbuild extension and retrofit. All that info is still available at along with some general blogs about sustainability in...

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