Thermal image of window/wall junction thermal bridge

The Baley Bungalow, West Dorset
Low-carbon retrofit

Design and consultancy: Jakub Wihan

A self-build project with a steep learning curve. Encompassing a load-bearing strawbale extension with sedum and herb roof, strawbale external insulation of existing bungalow, internal insulation of a small section (for planning reasons), insulating existing floors, increasing roof-insulation, new triple-glaze windows and improved airtightness. EPC rating increased from ‘E’ (54) to ‘B’ (90).

Other materials used include: woodfibre insulation boards, Warmcel (cellulose fibre from recycled newspaper), Foamglas (insulating blocks made from recycled glass), recycled glass fibre cavity insulation, clay plaster (using clay excavated on site), lime plaster.

I worked on initial designs, scope of project, research and selection of materials, project management, and completed much of the building work.